It is another night in a peaceful neighborhood and as usual, Kevin is pouting at his parents in a protest because he doesn't want to go to bed yet.

Parents, having enough of the rebellious kid goes:
"You know Kevin, kids who are not asleep before midnight are taken away by scary creatures. They prey out of the closet for the rule-breakers so they can take them to their world of Tickledome."

Kevin is finally in his bed, hugging his baseball ball to keep him safe while trying hard to fall asleep when... <BAM...BAM...BAM...> The old clock in the kitchen starts banging midnight!


Help Kevin get out of the Tickledome kingdom but watch for your steps because world you are in is full of traps and monsters. While at it, try to get as high Candy Score as possible and compete with other players for the TOP 10 highscores!


  • Earn extra 10.000 candy score when finishing a level without getting hurt
  • Look for secret places - they are full of candies!


  • X - Jump
  • C - Shoot / Use levers


Sleeping Menace was developed for #RNDGAME2020 Game Jam hosted by Tom Hall and it was inspired by the old DOS Classics like Commander Keen, Crystal Caves and Monster Bash...

If you like what you see please let me know that in the comments or contact me on Twitter or at Discord channel of my indie game studio Emberheart Games.

I would love to hear your feedback!


PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, DOS, ega, Pixel Art, Retro, rndgame2020
Average sessionA few minutes


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It's inspired by Commander Keen, a 90's MS-DOS game :D

Yep, it's definitely one of the inspirations ;)

Fun game but is there a way to change the default resolution? I'm playing on MacOS on a 2017 iMac. The bottom of the screen with all the status stuff is cut off. I tried editing the default preferences property list to make fullscreen false but it had no effect. I'm not used to screwing around in unity.

I'm not sure about MacOS but on Windows, you can toggle windowed mode with ALT+Enter. If there is a similar command on MacOS, try that first. Other than that, I'm afraid there is no alternative option. It's a short jam game so it doesn't have any settings implemented.

This was a blast from the past for me! You nailed that aesthetic on unity. Great job on all your hard work


So happy to hear this, thank you! I'm happy that I could take you back to the past for a moment - that was the main motivation behind the game :)

This game is awesome, well thought and so loyal to the old style. nice

I'm really happy to hear that because getting as close as possible to the old DOS platformers was my main goall! Thank you <3

this game is fun but when you die you cannot restart without reloading. Please add "restart"button!

Thank you for playing! Pressing 'RETURN' after dying (when highscores are shown) should restart the game. Alternatively, you can press ESCAPE and select Restart. If those two options are not working then it must be a bug.

Great game, love the old school graphics!

Thank you, I'm happy to hear you appreciate the EGA graphics :)