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Awesome art!

Wow awesome! Thanks, I bought it!

Hello, i want buy this pack but i no have good payment method from poland. Please give me contact to you.

Hi! I'm working on an open source project, and I'd like to use your pack in it (It will fit perfectly with my design). I'd like to ask if I'm allowed to to push files I'll use to github, or should I keep them only locally?

Yes, you can use them for open source projects but they can be only used inside the project and project variations.

cool! Is there anything that you want me to write in readme, about icons and copyright?

Hi, is it allowed to modify these? I noticed you didn't mention anything about it in the description, and there wasn't a specific license given.


Hi, yes, you can modify these for your projects (personal & commercial) but you are not allowed to re-sell variations made out of them as assets.

Hi, just want to make sure, can we use/share a purchased asset to more than one game/ more than one game developer?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).

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Yes, you can use the asset pack between different projects you are working on. Just don't re-sell it or redistribute it it to other entities you are not part of.

Thats great thanks!

Not a problem, I hope you'll find a great use of these :)

yeahh :D

This is really awesome!! i was wondering if it was allowed to be used For twitch streams aswell. i m asking cause i want to be certain <3 

Of course, you can use the icons for anything you like! :)

The only rule is not to redistribute the assets in any way (reselling / re-sharing).

this is awesome! currently developing my first game with a friend and i had no idea where to start for the art haha. huuuge help and really pretty! :)

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Yeah, starting out may be hard sometimes, I hope this will be of help, thank you! :)

Thank you so much for making this! I'm gonna be using some of these textures in a Minecraft mod I'm working on ^.^

That's great, thank you!! :D

This pack looks great :>

Thanks! :)

I love it!


Happy to hear, I hope they will be of great use :)