Rescue helpless aliens from the moon!

This is my entry for the Toy Box Jam hosted by @thattomhall and my first game made with Pico8 ^_^


  • Use booster to ease your landing
  • Try to save as many aliens as you can in 120 seconds
  • If you save all of the aliens before time runs out, extra points are awarded

Let me know your best score in the comments ;)


Meta info:

Changes & updates:

Version 1.1
> Landing is slightly more forgiving
Version 1.0
> Initial version


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Solid game! Love that old school difficulty in which you need to develop the skill to beat it.

Thank you! :) Yeah, lots of players complained about the difficulty but yeah, it gets better after a "while" :)

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200, After a lot of fail attempts, I saved 4 aliens and returned to safety, I need to hone my skills :P 

Yes, landing is the whole gist of the game :)
It takes some time to level that skill but 4 aliens is quite good. Thanks for playing!

Hmmm, cannot seem to get this one to work on the web.

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Does other web games work for you?
I have re-uploaded it now, let me know if it's fixed please.

Yes, out of the jam games I tried, this is the only one that failed. I will try again next time I am on my pc.