Humanity is on brink of destruction! Escort the convoy transporting the genetic seeds to make deserted planets green again...

Should there by any threat, REMOVE IT! 

This game was done for Trijam-89 in 3 hours and took the 5th place!


Type in enemy aliases to attack them, that's it! Type fast and you may live another day.



1. JafCraze......... 2011
2. hello ........... 1836
3. superglue ....... 1760

Note: Scores are updated every once in a while

Jam details:
Full development length: 3h 30m
Crossed the mark because I started implementing online highscoreeven though I wasn't 100% how to implement them...they are working but score is not displayed.

Made in: Unity & Sfxia (sound)


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A happy game, lol, but a little hard for me. If I don't have to shift for a capital letter, I will be happier. qwq


Loved the game! The only critiques I would have is that the random names kept repating, and even if you killed the ranged ship its projectile could still kill you. Besides that great job!

Yeah, I had some issue with the names and balancing in general, I planned badly that part for sure. Thank you though, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)